Margherita – Coccarde


Margherita Coccarde Collection: Delicate confetti flower ribbon with dotted edged detailing.

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Our marghertia coccarde ribbon is a beautiful, delicate confetti flower ribbon with dotted edged detailing. Available in white or ivory.

Coccarde ribbon rolls are used to create confetti flowers which are a wonderful way to have confetti as a decoration or favor for your wedding, baby shower, or one of life’s many other special events. Our full coccarde collection features a variety of handmade ribbon with heart edged detailing (Cuore), laser cut accents (Ariel), lace embrodiery (Pizzo), and dotted edge detailing (Marghertia). All are available in white or ivory.

Each roll produces about 90 confetti flowers with each petal holding one sugared almond. They are easy to assemble. Simply cut a row of 5 petals at a time, fill each petal with confetti, pull the strings and tie the flower closed.

Handmade and imported from Italy.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2.5 in

White, Ivory


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